Unlock new growth with Jampp’s Programmatic User Acquisition

Drive incremental performance with new users who install and use your app

Diego Meller

May 15, 2019

Drive incremental performance with new users who install and use your app

We all know the trade offs for growth marketers in today’s new on-demand economy. You need low risk performance media buying combined with the transparency and control to correlate the impact those dollars have on growth. Whether you’re on the hook to open up new territories, dramatically increase orders, or win back market share, Jampp’s Programmatic User Acquisition product delivers results, aligned with your business goals and with unprecedented transparency.

The long and winding road to programmatic

Inaccurate metrics, ad fraud, lack of transparency on ad spend and placements… it is no surprise that many brands have lost confidence in their media partners and look to bring as much of the ad buying in-house. They’re looking for solutions that offer a higher degree of control over their ad spend. We get it.

One of the main problems with networks is the fact that they are being paid on CPI and CPA. This has created incentives to trick attribution, so the results may look good in terms of effective CPI/CPA, but there is no real incrementality.

We faced these exact same problems back when Jampp worked with ad-networks. Then in 2017, we “killed” our network driven User Acquisition product, despite it being the majority of our revenue, and focused on developing our programmatic technology. At the time, this meant focusing on retargeting.

After successfully growing our retargeting business and developing great technology (like Dynamic Product Ads, Predictive Bidding and User Based Retargeting) for some of the world’s leading on demand apps (including Uber, Rappi, and Takeaway.com), we grew closer to that space and gained deeper knowledge into these marketers’ main growing pains.

Converting ad impressions from the programmatic open market into app installs and purchases is extremely risky and challenging and we thought that was a good problem to focus on.

Say Hello to Jampp’s Programmatic User Acquisition

After 2 years of development, we couldn’t be more proud to announce our new Programmatic User Acquisition product, a great complement to User Based Retargeting.

With this launch, Jampp can now confidently claim to be the best way to grow your app’s incremental revenue through programmatic advertising.

“We’ve built our product to help marketers get results that move the needle without the burden of building programmatic infrastructure in-house. Working with Jampp, marketers get all the good things that come with an in-house setup like transparency, insights and pricing control, but without the learning curve and hassle of hiring and training a team. Not to mention, custom-built technology to optimize for bookings and orders, creative building/testing automation and many other unique features.“ Guido Crego, Head of Product, Jampp

How it works — Programmatic made simple.

#1 You tell us your goal

Every company defines growth in their own way. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs. Whether it’s ROI, winning a new market, new customers, or new orders our technology will optimize everything from bids to creatives for your specific business goal.

#2 We identify people interested in your app

We automatically analyze in-app and contextual signals to understand user profiles and behaviors that drive performance within your app. We then use this data to reach the people who are most interested in apps like yours.

#3 We engage them with beautiful ads

We automatically create 1000s of ad variations based on your brand assets. Our platform then uses machine learning to rotate your ads with different treatments and adjust bids automatically. This ensures your ads are shown to the right people at the right price to efficiently achieve your business goal.

Unlock New Growth

Jampp’s Programmatic User Acquisition is now available to all Jampp advertisers.

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