Wabi drives incremental delivery orders with App Retargeting

Delivery app Wabi partnered with Jampp for App Retargeting.

Melisa Rocío Fernández

January 21, 2021

Delivery app Wabi partnered with Jampp for App Retargeting.

Wabi, a leading Grocery marketplace

Meet Wabi: the neighborhood convenience store on your mobile phone 🛒📱

Launched in 2019, Wabi is an on-demand grocery marketplace with the backing of Coca-Cola. Wabi’s delivery app allows users to get any convenience store item delivered to their doorstep by a local store in less than an hour and with no delivery fees. Their goal is to make in-app shopping easier, faster, and practical while supporting the economy of neighborhood stores.

The Challenge

Consumer food services are the second-largest industry in Latin America, with the food delivery vertical representing almost $30 billion. This non-stop growth combined with social distancing measures has led the Delivery vertical to gain further popularity—and to become even more competitive.

From aggressive goals to measurable growth, Wabi partnered with Jampp to implement a successful performance strategy, achieving Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) rates 30% below the original goal and a daily rise of 32% in Event Completion Rate (ECR).

“As a performance marketer, you want to be sure that you are investing in the right marketing channels. With Jampp, we’ve been able to see the incremental value of our app retargeting efforts. Their team has been super proactive about testing new strategies and sharing insights.” —Felipe Galizia, Business Manager Marketing at Wabi

How Jampp helped Wabi drive incremental performance

#1 Engaging users early on

To keep gaining relevance across such a competitive market, the Wabi team opted for a full cycle strategy, understanding that real growth goes beyond user acquisition. 79% of new customers leave within the first 7 days after install—39% don’t even make it to the first week. That’s why Wabi decided to re-engage users with App Retargeting from the get-go, achieving competitive advantage, increased adoption, and incremental revenue.

#2 Making full use of the creative tech stack

Wabi leveraged a combination of Jampp features to create hyper-relevant, machine-powered creatives, including:

Dynamic Product Ads
This feature is ideal for apps with a diverse and growing product offering such as Wabi. It allows marketers to effortlessly promote every item based on their users’ interests (i.e. ordering snacks, groceries, cleaning products, etc.) Since the ad content is pulled directly from the product feed, stock and prices are always updated. By using deep links to take users back to the specific products within the app, Dynamic Product Ads automatically generate high-converting units.

Geolocated Ads
Another must-have for delivery apps, Jampp’s Geolocated Ads enables granularity at scale. Wabi ran country-wide campaigns with highly specific ads, ensuring the ads promoted stores and items available in the users’ vicinity. 📍

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
To round off the creative toolkit, Wabi leveraged Jampp’s Dynamic Ads builder to automatically generate hundreds of ad variations in little to no time. Each visual element (image, copy, CTA) within these ads acts as a unique data point, automatically optimized to create top-performing creatives.

How important is Creative A/B testing?
All of our creative features optimize for ad performance, but we encourage adding creative A/B testing to the strategy so as to inform the creation of assets and generate further insights into user preferences. With our concept-testing methodology, Wabi managed to effectively assess the value of each message across their markets of interest.

A/B testing was implemented to identify high-converting concepts and variations. As a result, Wabi collected valuable creative insights, enabling more informed marketing decisions.

#3 Optimizing campaign performance

There are many variables that go into campaign optimization, one that is often overlooked is the use of uninstall data.

A certain level of churn is inevitable, but uninstall data can improve cost-efficiency for App Retargeting campaigns.

By analyzing uninstall data, Wabi managed to focus its App Retargeting efforts on reaching users that still had the Wabi app installed rather than uninstallers, who are unlikely to engage with retargeting ads. This optimization led to lower CPAs and higher Event Completion Rates (ECR).

#4 Tracking success with Lift Measurement

Finally, Wabi leveraged Always-on Lift Measurement to ascertain that their campaign with Jampp was generating conversions that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

“At the end of the day, we want to know that we are investing in the right advertising efforts. That our campaigns are driving real value, real lift. Jampp’s Always-on Lift Measurement tool has been instrumental in understanding and improving the impact of our retargeting efforts.” —Felipe Galizia, Business Manager Marketing at Wabi

Wrapping up

If you want to learn more about how Jampp’s products and features can boost your performance, take a look at our success stories, or contact us to see our growth platform in action.

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