Zé Delivery grows with User Acquisition and App Retargeting

Zé Delivery, a leading beverage delivery app in Brazil, took their growth strategy to the next level with App Retargeting.

Betina Guedes

September 12, 2022

Zé Delivery’s road to long-term growth

Part of AB InBev’s ZX Ventures, Zé Delivery is the leading beverage delivery company in Brazil. The Zé Delivery app allows users to connect with the nearest bars and get their drinks delivered home fast, cold, and at the best price. 

Images showing Ze Delivery's app for drink delivery

After the COVID pandemic, Zé saw a remarkable increase in orders, going from 1.5 million in 2019 to 62 million in 2021, and became the main company driving AB InBev’s $500 million Ecommerce sales [1]. 

Seeing this growth as an opportunity to further scale their business, in May 2021 Zé Delivery partnered with Jampp for programmatic User Acquisition. 

Growing with mobile User Acquisition

With 114.7 million users in Brazil purchasing consumer goods online [2], Zé Delivery’s first goal was to reach a larger share of that segment and grow their user base. 

While their team was seeing encouraging results at the top of the conversion funnel, they understood early on that an install does not equal a user. Industry statistics show us that 93% of users churn by Day 7 [3], which means that a strategy that only focuses on new users will not be effective in driving long-term growth and ROAS.

Being able to combine User Acquisition and App Retargeting in one platform allowed us to build an advanced growth strategy. We want to find users who engage with the app and keep coming back, having a partner like Jampp makes that a lot easier. — Vitor Yamashita, Growth Analyst at Zé Delivery.

Achieving long-term growth with App Retargeting

App Retargeting gives mobile marketers the opportunity to re-activate existing customers, taking users back to the app to increase usage and maximize campaign ROI.

The team at Zé Delivery worked together with Jampp to create a strategy that would allow them to customize the targeting and messaging for their different users. 

Zé Delivery leveraged Jampp’s App Retargeting solution to engage three different user segments: 

  • Frequent buyers: users who had ordered drinks in the past but hadn’t placed an order recently.
    ➡️ The goal was to get consumers to place more orders, more often.
  • Non-monetized users: users who had installed the app recently but hadn’t made their first purchase yet.
    ➡️ The goal was to turn these users into paying customers.
  • Inactive users: users who installed the app and have remained inactive for a longer period of time.
    ➡️ The goal was to encourage users to return to the app and make their first conversion.
Chart showing the entire app user journey, from discovery to re-engagement

Adding App Retargeting to their mobile marketing mix, Zé Delivery secured long-term and healthy growth across the complete user journey, achieving a CPA 2 times below the campaign goal.  

Building a better user journey with Jampp’s creative suite

An important part of building an effective growth strategy is understanding how to leverage creatives. Which formats work better? Which messages resonate best with users at the different moments of their purchase journey? 

By combining the effort of dedicated creative teams with technology that can streamline the process with automation, Zé Delivery was able to engage their users with hyper-relevant ads.

Ad examples from Ze Delivery's app marketing campaign with Jampp

Jampp’s Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) helped Zé Delivery to develop and test high-quality, high-volume creatives showcasing their diverse product offering.

Dynamic Product Ad examples for Food and Drink delivery appsb

Advantages of Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

  • Granularity at scale: promote all your different products without the hassle of manually creating multiple creative variations, freeing up in-house resources to continue developing strategic concepts. 
  • Hyper-relevant ads: DPAs are plugged directly to your product feed to automatically create multiple ad variations with the products that are more relevant to each user (based on their interests and past in-app purchases).
  • Wider reach: Our platform seamlessly adapts brand designs to all the best performing sizes to ensure maximum reach of ad placements.
We’re always thinking about how to take our app to the next level—and so is Jampp. Their team has proven to be highly proactive in proposing new strategies and tests to help us keep driving incremental growth. We really value our partnership. — Vitor Yamashita, Growth Analyst at Zé Delivery.

Grow your app with Jampp 

Instead of using Mobile User Acquisition and App Retargeting as two independent solutions, these strategies should be combined to further grow the number of app users while keeping them active.

Apple’s new privacy policies have limited App Retargeting but fortunately, markets like Brazil, where Android is the dominating OS, can still make the most of this solution. 

Read more success stories or get in touch to learn more about our solution.

About Zé Delivery

Zé Delivery is a 6-year-old Brazilian technology company, with more than 700 incredible people (and counting) and already consolidated as the largest beverage delivery company in the world. Zé delivered 44 million orders in 2021, and is present in all states of Brazil and also expanding in other directions.

Zé Delivery has grown, evolved, and expanded its operations in the beverage market, adding different business units of the Direct to Consumer ecosystem (Emporio da Cerveja, Chopp Brahma Express, Vizi, Sempre em Casa and Pit Stop), which together today form the Zé Company Brazil.


[1] NBC News, 2021.

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[3] AppsFlyer, 2021. Android data.

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